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Origination Services

Deep Analysis

From an EPC to a pure project originator, Elevated can offer a range of services to help originate projects. From market PPA pricing tools, to complex offtaker energy analysis, to project development services; we can help you create a valuable project.


Project Development

Expert Guidance

Project Development is what creates a bankable long term asset that can be operational for a minimum of the asset's expected life. Elevated's development services allow project stakeholders to follow our simplified approach so that all parties know what is needed to move a project from a concept to an asset.


Structured Finance

Dissect the Numbers

From development equity to long term debt to tax equity, Elevated Energy Partners can connect the puzzle pieces of long-term project ownership. Elevated's investment partners provide projects with supportive short or long-term capital options that ensure an asset will be successful for all parties involved.

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Asset Management

Ensure Performance

Asset Management ensures that your project not only performs as expected but performs to its full potential. From performance optimization, O&M management, to market additionality, your project investment only begins when operations commence.

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